Leaky houses have their own set of problems

Drafts and overworked air-conditioning systems will result in a house that does not adequately heat or cool, meaning ever-increasing energy costs.

What is a blower door test?

A blower door test is an internationally recognised method used to measure the airtightness of buildings. It can also be used to:

• measure airflow between building zones,

• test ductwork airtightness and

• help physically locate air leakage in the building structure.

There are three primary components to a blower door:

Capable of producing a range of airflows to pressurise and depressurise a variety of building sizes.

Simultaneously measuring the pressure differential induced across the face of the fan and across the building envelope, as a result of fan airflow.

Used to mount the fan in a building opening – such as a door or window.

Why is it important?

What our customers are saying

Many Thanks!

“When we bought our brand new house we expected it to be perfect!! Little did we realise it was leaking air and would eventually increase our electricity bills. We’ve had the areas you identified fixed and look forward to a draught-free, warmer house in winter and a cooler one in summer.”
Regards, Pete and Sue


“We couldn’t believe how much air was leaking through our bathroom ceiling heater/fan. No wonder the air conditioner was working overtime and still not cooling the house properly! We’ve installed dampers on all our exhaust fans and can’t believe the difference it makes.”
Thanks, Norman

Game Changer!

“Thanks for the blower door test on our home. We were amazed at how much air was leaking under doors, around windows and through the stairs. I’m working through the list you gave me and expect to have a much tighter and warmer home by winter.”
Kind Regards, Ian